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"Some choose names based on personal reasons. Wolf Frenkel, a San Francisco attorney, named his dog based on a childhood vendetta. In eighth grade, he got into a heated name-calling argument with a friend, Alistair.

"I got so angry at him, I told him, "I'm going to name my dog after you!' " Frenkel recalled.

Twenty years later, he got a golden retriever and named her Allie.

And now for the adult portion of the story, we present Eric Skiver's Jack Russell terrier, Boner.

"Yeah, that's my Boner," he said nonchalantly while watching the little dog race around a park in the Castro. "He was a Christmas present."

He said he decided on the name when the dog started acting amorously with his arm. After three years, Skiver said even friends who swore they'd never call him Boner have gotten used to the name.

"Sometimes when kids ask me his name, I'll get looks from the parents, but the kids don't care," Skiver said.

And what about at the vet's office? "They usually don't say his name. They just call my name." "

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