Short update as I am on my phone. The Eclipse and festival were great. I survived the heat and dirt and was not eaten, bitten, stung or injured by wildlife or wild doofers.

Watching totality was an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to be there surrounded by friends.

Loved getting back to civilisation though, I've spent so much time showering or in the pool the last few days. Got a few touristy things lined up over the next few days but mostly just getting my laze on.

Going to get the full works massage, facial, manicure and pedicure on Friday to try and repair some of the sun damage, although At least I haven't been burnt yet.

Tonight super happy fun times and maybe find my spirit animal! Or just laze around more with friends :)

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I have heard a lot about the PS2 game "Shadow of the Colossus" and would like to play it, unfortunately it is about 3 years old and almost impossible to find, other than ebay of course.

Does anyone have it or know someone who might be willing to lend me it for a few weeks?

Hope everyone enjoys Royal :)

Why I never want a fully privatised Health Service


It Turns Out You Can Be Too Safe
Law Office | Eugene, OR, USA

Caller: *on the phone* “My father-in-law was hit by a car while riding his bike. I need to get some advice about what he should do.”

Me: “Was he injured?”

Caller: “Yeah. I mean, he’s conscious and stuff, but he’s bleeding and in pain.”

Me: “When did this happen?”

Caller: “About 5 minutes ago. Can we sue the guy?”

Me: “I’m sorry, did you say this JUST happened? Have you called the police and ambulance?”

Caller: “No, that’s why I called you. I need to know what to do.”

Me: “Hang up and call 911!”

Caller: “Really? So we should take him to the doctor even though he doesn’t have medical insurance? Who’s going to pay for it if he dies? I can’t be responsible for that!”

(Sirens are heard in the background.)

Caller: “Oh no, someone must have called, because a firetruck just pulled up…am I going to have to pay for this?”

Me: “Sir, please deal with his injuries and make sure he’s taken to the hospital. You can call us back after he’s been treated if you need to and we’d be happy to explain how to get the bills paid - right now you need to worry about him.”

Caller: “I ain’t doin’ anything ’til I know who’s gonna pay for this. I shouldn’t be stuck with this!”

Me: “In all likelihood, the insurance company for the driver who hit him will pay his medical bills.”

Caller: “I’m calling them then….” *aside in background* “Don’t go messing with him; I gotta find out who’s paying for this before you go taking him
anywhere!” *hangs up*